Financial Accounting Inventory Control in India - vFact-IC

vFact-IC (Financial Accounting Inventory Control), Product from Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd Bangalore, more than 3000 installations, Cost-effective Solutions for ERP, Customer and supplier management, Products and location management

vLQMS - Liquor Management System

LQMS(Liquor Management System) from Software services Pvt.Ltd Bangalore, Offers complete POS solution to liquor retail and MRP outlets. Liquor Management System provides complete POS solutions to retail liquor outlets and efficiently manages sales and information.

vPay - Payroll Management System

Payroll Package is one of our most successful and popular products, used by many Indian and multinational businesses, marketing, finance and manufacturing companies.

POS Shop Offers complete POS solution to retail textile outlets from Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd Bangalore

Offers complete POS solution to retail textile outlets.
POSSHOP keeps a record of store inventory and updates it when an order is processed. It allows users to input via keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner.

MfgSys - Manufacturing Systems Inventory Management needs from Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd

MfgSys is a simple and user-friendly solution to organizations to address the Inventory Management needs

Mailer 3.0 - desktop assistant from Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd

Mailer 3.0 is a comprehensive desktop assistant for heads of companies, secretaries of busy bosses or individuals who have a formidable contact list, helping manage their usually huge list of contacts and tasks related to them.

CMS (Canteen Management System) - Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd

Canteen Management System is robust software developed to eliminate this manual process and maintain the entire canteen system with ease. It is very user friendly with many advanced features.

Lodge Management System from Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd

Lodge Management System - Robust software developed for maintaining the entire lodging system in any organization

Fixed Asset Management System - Softvent Services, Bangalore

Fixed Asset Management System - An asset tracking software designed to control and manage fixed assets, a software company

vTemple Management software - Softvent Services Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore

Softvent’s vTemple Management software is developed to cater the needs of Temple Management mainly for Seva Booking, Booking Donations, Maintaining of Assets and tracking of Expenses.

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